Jade Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint - gaffrey art material

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Not your average acrylic paint. Heavy texture acrylics possess a super thick viscosity and buttery texture that’s suited for palette knife and sculptural techniques. Its consistency is smooth yet has the right amount of resistance to hold stiff peaks, glide effortlessly across painting surfaces, and paint 1-6 inches in thickness.

Heavy texture acrylics are made in small batches in Justin Gaffrey’s paint studio in Northwest Florida. Justin has been pushing the boundaries with acrylic paints for over twenty years making artwork that is highly textured and three-dimensional. Justin has been making his paints from scratch for over twenty years and now his labor of love for his paintings will be felt when you start using our paints. Our acrylics are made with pure acrylic resin, high-quality pigments sourced from around the world and we modified the paint’s rheology to its uttermost limit. What’s unique about our paint products is they don’t require a mixing medium to make them thick, unlike other art companies that require a ton of different mediums to achieve a highly textured painting. 

Gaffrey and his family designed these paints with artist’s needs in mind. Art is for everyone and we believe the cost of art materials shouldn’t get in the way of your creative vision. These are not student grade or poor quality paints. Our heavy texture acrylics are saturated with pigment. There is no cracking or brittleness when your painting dries. Heavy texture acrylics allows you to express yourself in a physical way that is an exciting new medium entering the art world. Impasto painters will appreciate the readiness of our heavy texture acrylics and new artists will be excited by the endless possibilities you can achieve while painting.

We understand artists can be fiercely loyal to their paint brands so our heavy texture acrylics are compatible with other acrylic mediums. Although, we have you covered to set up your paint studio with our medium viscosity acrylic colors, palette knives, wood panels, artist’s brushes, paint kits, and misc art materials.

While we recommend wood panels as the primary painting surface due to its durability and sturdiness, they can be applied to just about any surface. 

  • Dry time approximately 30 minutes to an hour for light application. For heavy application, about several days to weeks. *Paint film forms relatively quickly on heavy application forming a protective skin around wet paint
  • Water resistant and water soluble
  • Lightfastness-No varnish is needed due to the strength and quality of pigments
  • Due to the thickness of the paint, all heavy texture acrylics are opaque
  • We recommend our heavy texture acrylics as your essential paint medium for sculptural painting and our medium viscosity “acrylic colors” for mixing, highlights, and glazing

Our innovative piping bag is designed to make sculpting with paint a breeze. It's as easy as snip, pipe, and sculpt to make your paintings three-dimensional. When you're done, simply fold the tip and secure it with a paperclip or bag clip. Our piping bags are multifaceted as a container and painter's tool. Heat-sealed with 6 mil poly tubing to provide maximum tensile strength while maintaining flexibility.

Jade Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint  - gaffrey art material

WH 6
One of the most popular colors out there and for good reason. Our staple product for sculptural painting. Titianium white has a brilliant sheen which offers the highest pigment strength and opacity. Titanium white is an inorganic pigment derived from titanium dioxide.
PB 29
Bright deep blue with violet undertones. Ultramarine blue is an organic pigment that's a form of polysulfide of sodium, potassium, lithium or silver alumino-silicate.
Y 74
Bright mid to greenish-yellow. An excellent primary yellow for color mixing. Hansa yellow is an organic pigment is obtained by azo coupling of aniline and acetoacetanilide or their derivatives to make hansa yellow.
GR 7
Intense deep green with slight blue undertones. Phthalo green is an organic pigment derived from Polyclorinated Copper Phthalocyanine.
Y 42
A warm amber glow with reddish yellow hues. Transparent yellow iron oxide is an inorganic pigment derived from hydrated iron oxide