Frosted Blooms Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint Kit by Justin Gaffrey

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The Frosted Blooms Heavy Texture Acrylic Paint Kit by Justin Gaffrey offers a nontraditional way to sculpt with paint. Using piping bags and decorating tips, this kit allows you to create a painting between a succulent plant and a tasty dessert (don't eat the paint). You'll love the voluptuous colorful blooms you can create with the included piping bags and tips. This gift-ready kit is perfect for aspiring artists or anyone with a proclivity for doing things differently. Upon purchase, you will receive an exclusive digital download with a guided video tutorial by Justin. 

"Frosted blooms is based on a method I call sculpting with paint. When I learned how to paint, I didn’t know how to use traditional art materials. I was a chef in the past and it made sense to me use pastry bags and these tips to sculpt out a painting." - Justin Gaffrey


  • 9x12x1.5" Wood Panel
  • 19 oz Titanium White Heavy Texture
  • 19 oz Jade Heavy texture
  • 1 oz Quinacridone Magenta
  • 1 oz Hansa Yellow
  • 1 oz Kraft White Base Coat
  • French Tip
  • Star Tip
  • Leaf Tip
  • Petal Tip
  • (3) 12" piping bags
  • 21" piping bag
  • Coupler
  • 1" Panel Brush
  • 9x12" Cardboard Palette

Pro tip: Due to the nature of acrylic paints, shrinkage may occur. To avoid gaps in your painting, make sure the blooms are close together.