Artist and Founder-Justin Gaffrey

As a self-taught artist, his work challenges the norms of art, pushing boundaries is usually the only way he will be satisfied. His work is constantly changing like a moving target, making it hard to pinpoint any particular genre or theme of art. His earlier works have inspired a path for many impasto acrylic painters.
Much of Justin's early inspirations come from artists like Van Gogh, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, and Monet. He has since evolved and finds inspiration in artists like Louise Bourgeois who's work tapped into the subconscious, writers like Mary Oliver with her poems on nature, and scientists like Albert Einstein.

Gaffrey Art Material is a small company that is built by artists for artists. Located in Santa Rosa Beach Florida, what was once Justin’s paint studio has transformed into a fully operational paint manufacturing facility. Not much has changed since Justin has been handcrafting his paint and art materials from scratch anyway. Now his labor of love for his artwork will be felt when you start using our unique products.

For the past year (a modest estimation), we have been busy manufacturing & perfecting my full line of small-batch acrylic paints and sourcing art materials to meet the needs and price points of novice to expert artists alike. Our goal is to shake things up in the world of acrylic paints. We are excited for you to be a part of the heavy texture paint revolution!

With your feedback and our direct-to-consumer business model, my team and I hope to provide products that continually improve your artistic experience. On each product page we've provided a suggestion box for your thoughts, ideas and concerns. We're excited to hear everyone's feedback and can't wait to put your ideas to use.