Heavy texture acrylic starter kit

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The heavy texture acrylic starter kit is the perfect introduction to three-dimensional sculptural painting. We created this kit to become familiar with our heavy texture acrylics and learn the basics of sculpting with paint. The kit is designed to be multifunctional where every paint package can be used as a painting tool. In conjunction with the kit, we have several painting demos on our YouTube channel to demonstrate basic composition, color mixing and knife work. 


  • 16 oz titanium white heavy texture
  • 1 oz white base coat
  • .75 oz phthalo blue
  • .75 oz hansa yellow
  • .75 oz pyrrole red
  • .75 oz raw umber
  • 9x12 1.5 in deep wood panel
  • 1 in panel brush
  • small spade palette knife
  • 9x12 palette
  • 2x 12 in piping bag