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What are heavy texture acrylics? Heavy texture acrylics are paints we designed as a sculptural acrylic medium. For best results, use palette knives to create very thick layers and show visible strokes. Paint can also be mixed with all acrylic mediums.

Our paints have a super thick viscosity, high pigment concentration, and buttery texture that moves effortlessly on most surfaces. 


First of all It shipped so fast, and was packaged perfectly. The quality of the supplies and paint is amazing!!

Ruca M.

Love the paint. You guys should put an addiction warning as well as, "you'll use way more than you think" along with, "don't eat paint".

Jon W.

gaffrey art material is going to give golden acrylics a run for their money

Juan A.

Man, this is the richest acrylic paint I've ever had! Can't wait to get loose!

Oran S.

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Don't eat paint

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